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Hi everyone! Sorry for all the lateness.

Honestly, after the server change and the upgrades that actually gives me more problems lols has sort of demoralised me a little. If someone is coding-savvy and would like to help fix some errors, I would pay for your time. Please drop me a message.

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New Members:shert , Welcome! Thanks for joining us!

Level Up: Fina (Level 10), Karen (Level 10), Chloe (Level 5)

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Wishing Well

Thanks for wishing! Here are some of the granted wishes : (comment with what you took)
Karen & Lex wished everyone got choice cards that spell SUMMER. (1 card per deck)
Animallover wished for everyone to take a card from the Nature category.

New Decks

You may take 6 cards (Max. 2 Cards/Deck). Please take one extra, if you've donated images for the deck.

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News Archive


april wrote on 11 August 2020
- Wishing Well (2020-06-09, Animallover): electricalstorms10
- Wishing Well (2020-06-09, Karen and Lex): seoul09, southkorea05, electricalstorms07, pamukkale10, copenhagen15, ijencrater05
- New Decks (2020-06-09): bimbimbap01, bimbimbap09, bohol03, bohol13, canada03, canada10 (06/06)
Nicolie wrote on 04 August 2020
New Decks: dayofthedead10, dayofthedead11, england01, england15, canada06, canada14
Summer: galapagosislands07, africanpenguins09, cherryblossomtrees03, malaysia07, cockatiels04, niagarafalls14
Nature: cherryblossomtrees13
Ets wrote on 03 August 2020
- Wish (1 Nature): penguins04
- Wish (SUMMER): penguins11, bubbletea07, matcha04, mochi14, stroopwafels04, brycecanyon12
- New Decks: canada07, canada09, bohol06, bohol12, england11, england15
Fina wrote on 10 July 2020
- Wish (1 Nature): africangrey04
- Wish (SUMMER): Spain11, bUnrattycastle01, electricalstorMs03, catacoMbs05, waltdisnEyworld02, globetheatRe08
- New decks: indianapolismotorspy01, canada02, england03, england04, bohol05, dayofthedead06

Kayori wrote on 07 July 2020
Wishing Well:
SUMMER: chinesenewyear08, disneyanimalkingdom06, keywest05, meijishrine07, mounthoodforest06, pyramidofgiza10

1 Choice Nature: caverns14

New Decks: bimbimbap10, bohol02, canada14, dayofthedead15, england14, indianapolismotorspy12
Ramona wrote on 01 July 2020
I took:
New decks: bohol07, bohol10, canada06, canada14, england07, england14

SUMMER: paris04, baguettes12, notredame10, guam03, france11, eiffeltower07

NATURE: lavenderfields15

Thank you :)
erin wrote on 26 June 2020
i've been away for a long time. i'm sorry you've been struggling with server issues and stuff ):

summer: cherryblossomtrees02, dublin01, catacombs01, magickingdom01, dayofthedead03, newyorkcity01

nature: cherryblossomtrees01

new decks: dayofthedead01, dayofthedead02, bohol14, england13, canada15, indianapolismotorspy08
Chloe wrote on 15 June 2020
Wish (Karen and Lex): australia12, cuba02, disneyanimalkingdom02, kremlin07, limoncello06, waltdisneyworld02

Wish (animalover): lovebirds08

New Decks: dayofthedead02, bohol08, england12, canada11, indianapolismotorspy13, bimbimbap06
Lex wrote on 15 June 2020
New Decks: dayofthedead11, england12, bimbimbap11, bohol03, canada12, indianapolismotorspy14

Wish (SUMMER): galapagosislands11, dublin14, pyramidofgiza06, chimneycake10, bubbletea03, northernlights01

Wish (Nature): africanpenguins02
Karen wrote on 15 June 2020
New decks: dayofthedead02, dayofthedead08, canada05, canada06, england01, england04. Wish - nature: africanpenguins11. Wish - summer: switzerland08, glastonbury08, vietnam10, fairychimneys11, disneysprings14, florence05.
tazzy wrote on 14 June 2020
Love the new sets & please take your time with everything!

Karen & Lex (wishing well) santorini05, tulipfields03, mochi08, pamukkale03, athens08, hamburg03

Animallover (wishing well) tulipfields02

new decks | canada13, canada14, england06, england07, bimbimbap03, bimbimbap04

thanks for everything
Xtina wrote on 11 June 2020
- New Decks: england08, england14, canada10, canada15, indianapolismotorspy03, indianapolismotorspy07
- SUMMER: lasvegas11, kentuckyderby15, colosseum08, disneyanimalkingdom14, polarbear08, grandcanyon12
- Nature card: cherryblossomtrees10
Xtina wrote on 11 June 2020
Glad you're back!
Animallover wrote on 11 June 2020
New decks
dayofthedead15, bohol13, england03, canada07, indianapolismotorspy12, bimbimbap08
1 Card from the Nature category
Cards Spelling SUMMER
africanpenguins10, budgies03, amazonrainforest13, bluegoldmacaw04, africangrey13
Bree wrote on 11 June 2020
New Decks: indianapolismotorspy01, indianapolismotorspy02,
I donated these decks: indianapolismotorspy03
Wishing Well - Karen & Lex: penguins12, churros11, guam05, malaysia04, maldives03, santorini04
Wishing Well - Animallover: penguins11

Zenit wrote on 10 June 2020
- Wishing Well (Karen & Lex): helsinki01, eclectusparrot02, fortressofsuomenlinna15, komodoisland05, polarbear06, cairo15
- Wishing Well (Animallover): polarbear08
- New Decks: dayofthedead12, bohol13, england01, england05, canada03, canada14
Kupo wrote on 10 June 2020
- New Decks: england03, england07, canada11, canada14, bimbimbap04, bimbimbap10
- Wishing Well (Karen / Lex): sixflagsfiesta11, penguins13, meijishrine07, mochi09, geishas09, ijencrater01
- Wishing Well (Animallover): penguins10

Thank you!
saya wrote on 10 June 2020
Wishing well (Karen & Lex spell SUMMER - 1 card per deck): caverns06, sushi11, cherryblossomtrees04, catacombs08, singapore05, florence08
(Animallover - 1 nature card): caverns07
New Decks: england01, england02, canada01, canada04, dayofthedead06, dayofthedead10
Mysti wrote on 10 June 2020
SUMMER: sentosa09, colosseum01, matcha13, maldives11, arcticcathedral08, forbiddencity12
1 Nature card: ijencrater05
New Decks: england09, england14, bohol02, bohol09, canada15, canada11